How To Control Panic Attacks While Driving
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How To Control Panic Attacks While Driving

Get rid of anxiety while driving on highway roads or sudden fear of driving car disorder, here steps by step video how to control panic attack while driving. Panic attacks are a very common disorder in today’s world. Thousands of people suffer from at least five or more panic attacks per year. Sometimes there are triggers that can cause an attack, and sometimes they can seem to come out of the blue. The symptoms themselves can be quite distressing and include chest tightness and pain, sweating, nausea and trembling. An attack can happen anywhere and at any time, even while driving, which is not only distressing but extremely dangerous. If you have ever suffered anxiety while driving on highway roads or if you have a sudden fear of driving car disorder, the following steps can show you how to control panic attacks while driving.

Fear panic attacks while driving Solution

1. Stop.
The first thing you must do, if you possibly can, is stop driving. You don’t want to be a danger to yourself or others on the road, so, depending on how severe the attack is, try to pull over at the next safe exit. Even if you are unable to stop, the remaining tips will be helpful.

2. Breathe.
Take deep, cleansing breaths. This is a good way to calm yourself and release some of the anxiety you are feeling. It can help to clear your head as well as increase your oxygen intake. If you need extra air, roll down a window and let the breeze wash over you.

3. Count.
Counting is a good way to distract yourself and calm down. Count anything you want, whether it is cars going by, billboard signs or just counting back from 100 in your head.

4. Hydrate.
Fluids are essential for maintaining your metabolism and it also helps you cool down. Many people also experience dry mouth during a panic attack, so if you have any water or even a can of pop in the car, make sure you drink some.
5. Tell Your Doctor
Lastly, let your doctor or therapist know what’s happening. They should be able to offer you support and encouragement and your doctor can evaluate if your anxiety medication needs adjustment.

Fear panic attacks while driving Solution


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