Mobile Mechanic Miami auto Car Repair Service near me call 305-748-6553 for onsite pre purchase foreign used vehicle inspection review & roadside assistance We can travel to you at the house, at your job, at your business office place, on the side of the road, or any parking lot to fix your domestic or European German vehicle on spot by certified technician.

We care for your auto more than you do, because we know the problems you might face when your Miami based auto breaks down, and there is no garages close to you. Do you remember the problems you had to face when you locked your vehicle and forgot to take the keys out? You had no other option except to smash the windows of your vehicle to retrieve the keys, and spend lots of money replacing the broken windows with a new one. You could have saved this problem by calling us and providing us your location. We would have instantaneously sent our technician to your place to create a duplicate set of keys for your vehicle at a negligible cost. We at (please put the name of the company) are the leading mobile mechanic Miami auto car repair service providers in the locality and specialize in repairing all makes of vehicles including some foreign models too. Be careful when calling other so called auto specialists, as most of them hardly have the equipment required to diagnose and detect the problems with vehicles or original spares required to fix them to provide a fresh lease of life to them.

Only genuine spares
We do not believe in cutting costs by using cheap imported spares. As we have tie-ups with leading auto manufacturers we are able to source genuine spares. In fact, we have one of the largest collection of original equipment manufacturer spares. This, combined with the expertise of our factory trained vehicles plus the sophisticated diagnostic tools they carry, allows them to pin point problems with your vehicle quickly, and fix it almost instantaneously. As we are available round the clock, you can depend on us to repair your car irrespective of the time. We have formed a reputation in Miami for offering unparalleled quality auto repair and tune up services. We feel sad to say that many other companies offering similar services often fleece their clients for services not required. Some of them go to the extent of replacing the working parts of your vehicle with cheap imported spares. This can result in the malfunctioning of your vehicle and can damage it to such an extent that you have to pay a hefty price to get it repaired. You can avoid such problems by getting in touch with us, and explaining the problems to our factory trained technicians who have years of experience and also have requisite license required to carry out auto repair jobs in the Miami area.

We offer many other services

Our skilled technicians are a blessing in disguise when you plan to purchase a used vehicle. For a nominal charge they will inspect the fitness of the vehicle and tell you whether it is worth purchasing. We also repair quite a number of foreign vehicles, and are one of the limited mobile mechanic Miami auto car repair service providers that has a huge inventory of original manufacturer equipment. This ensures that your vehicle will function as did when you first purchased it. We are confident that once you choose us to repair or tune your vehicle, you will never depend on any other auto repair company in broward county. Instead of waiting for ages for the technicians of other companies to arrive, contact us today, and find out how quickly our auto specialists visit your place and fix your vehicle. Remember, we care for your auto more than you do.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Miami, Florida Mobile Auto Mechanic Services by Qualified Mechanics

The vehicle is checked by a trained, certified and licensed mechanic. We send a mechanic who has experience in the type, make and model of the vehicle that you want inspected. It gives you complete peace of mind. You are assured of professional check by a mechanic who knows each and every part of that vehicle. Book our pre purchase car inspection service to ensure you do not end up with a poor quality vehicle. An expert assessment helps you avoid nasty surprises after buying a used vehicle. You will not pay more than the vehicle is worth.

The Cost of Pre Purchase Car Inspection Service

It is an affordable service that saves you from future trouble. Call now to receive a quote for the inspection. The inspection charge depends on various factors including the type of vehicle, the type of inspection required, and the location of the vehicle. It is higher for four-wheel drive, commercial and large vehicles.

It is not easy to determine a good car from the bad one. You need training, experience and skills as a mechanic to identify faults, damages and defects in vehicles. A shiny car may look enticing but its internal parts and components may not be in top condition. Leave this type of inspection job to our professional mechanic. You will receive a professional pre purchase car inspection service that eliminates all guessworks. The report helps you determine the right price of the vehicle. You may have to invest more to improve the performance or look of the car. All such hidden expenses should be taken into account when calculating the purchase price of a used vehicle. Let our professional mechanic make this task easier for you. Call now to book a mobile pre purchase car inspection service around you.

Foreign Car Repair Miami, FL Mobile European & German Auto Service

Mobile mechanic services are available for all major makes and models of cars. We have mechanics with expertise in BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Saab and Mini Cooper among many others. We come to the appointed site in a van fully equipped with all important car repair tools and equipment. The mechanic will use suitable diagnostic equipment to find all faults in your car. You may be seeing only the symptoms of the car fault but our expert mechanic will find the root cause of the problem. In fact, they go beyond the call and try to find even those issues that are not so obvious to the car owner. However, it is up to you which of the diagnosed problems you want to fix in your car. The mechanic will provide suggestions only for other repair jobs.

emergency roadside assistance service

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