How To Deep Clean Baby Car Seat
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How To Deep Clean Baby Car Seat

Video Tips guide on How to wash your children car seat include cover, straps and belts buckle

According to a recent study conducted by car seat manufacturer Maxi-Cosi, of the 506 parents polled, over half wash their car seats just a few times a year. With 85 percent of these parents allowing their kids to eat while strapped in, it doesn’t seem surprising that 36 percent of them would find three or more different food groups crammed in the tiny crevices of their seats. (Fun fact: Fish-shaped crackers are the most common snack found in car seats, according to the survey.)

Here is how to clean your baby car seat:

1. Remove the car seat from the car.

2. Take a picture of it with your phone, so that you can see where all of the straps and accessories go. This will make it easier to put back together once it’s clean.

3. Vacuum the car seat’s crevices.

4. Remove the car seat’s cover from the form.

5. Place the cover in the washing machine on “cold” and “gentle” with a mild detergent — no fabric softener.

6. Once it’s washed, place the cover over a chair or your dryer to allow it to air dry completely before putting back on the car seat form.

7. Refer to your picture to help put everything back together.

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